25T/D Tissue Paper Manufacturing Plant


Raw material: wood pulp, pulp board, white shavings without ink

Finished paper: high grade tissue paper roll, napkin paper, toilet paper

Project: 25T/D Tissue Paper Manufacturing Plant
Main equipment: ZDSD23 D type hydrapulper, ZSC3 high density cleaner, ZTJ850 pulp chest agitator, ZM450 series conical refiner, ZDP450 series double disc refiner, NLS850 inflow pressure screen
The complete process line for 25T/D tissue paper roll making by using white shavings without ink as raw material material contains white shavings pulping line and tissue paper making machine.

25T/D white shavings processing line

Firstly, white shavings is conveyed into D type hydrapulper for pulping. Secondly, the pulp will be conveyed into the ZSC3 high density cleaner for removing heavy contaminates in pulp.
Then, the pulp will conveyed into the inclined screen for pulp screening. Furthermore, the pulp will be transported into the ZM series conical refiner and ZDP series double disc refiner for improving the beating degree of pulp and produce high quality pulp.
Finally, the pulp will be conveyed into NLS series inflow pressure screen for final processing and then it will be conveyed into paper machine for papermaking.

Tissue paper manufacturing machine

Leizhan professional engineers design the customized paper making flow sheet according to the various raw material, production capacity, finished pulp and the special requirements of paper plant. Paper plant can produce 5-50 tons of high grade tissue paper by using Leizhan high speed tissue paper manufacturing machine. And it has a basis width range of 1575-3600 and a basis weight range of 13-40 g/m2.

Related Pulper Equipment

This line includes Chain Conveyor, Drum Pulper, D Type Hydrapulper, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Double Disc Refiner, Inflow Pressure Screen, and so on. Paper pulp machine used to make waste paper (such as waste packing box,waste office paper and so on) turn to fine pulp for paper forming on the paper machine.


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