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Every paper making equipment has its special functions, we also should make them to play their biggest role in the paper making industry. According to the different production requests, we specially divide all kinds of equipment into several processing fields, namely Tissue Paper, Kraft Paper, Culture Paper, Coating Board Paper and Corrugated Paper manufacturing process field. So, it is convenient for our clients to choose and decide the right equipment in accordance with their special paper making line.

  • 3500mm Tissue Paper Making Machine

    Leizhan designed 3500mm toilet paper machine according to the needs of the paper mill. This paper making machine mainly produces high-quality toilet paper rolls by recycling raw materials such as waste paper or wood pulp.

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  • D Type Hydrapulper Crush Waste Paper Machine

    The main crushing structure of D type hydrapulper is impeller and rotor. When the impeller and rotor rotate, the high-consistency pulp moves radially. The two spiral blades on the rotor rotate axially from the side of the tank to accelerate the dehydration and hydration of the waste paper in the tank.

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  • Toilet Paper Production Line

    Leizhan’s toilet paper production line combines advanced paper making and pulping technology with efficient production processes to provide customers with high-quality toilet paper manufacturing solutions and improve its market competitiveness in the paper making industry.

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  • 2200/160 Multi-wire Multi-cylinder Paper Machine In Paper Machine

    The structure of the 2200/160 multi-wire and multi-cylinder paper machine is a multi-wire and multi-cylinder paper machine, which is used to produce 70-150g/m2 liner paper, etc. The product is web paper. This machine consists of a stack forming part, a press part, a drying part, a paper winding machine, a basic part, and a paper machine auxiliary system.

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  • Large Toilet Paper Roll Production Line Equipment

    Large toilet paper rolls are in line with the pursuit of today’s paper-making mainstream market, so large toilet paper roll machines are also needed by paper mills. Leizhan company provides various toilet paper machines.

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  • Pulping Machinery Flotation Deinking Machine

    Flotation Deinking Machine is a new generation of deinking equipment. It uses a special-structured separation device to form multi-stage flotation, with high ink removal rate and low fiber loss rate. Contact us for more equipment information.

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  • 2600MM Tissue Paper Making Machine

    Toilet paper is daily household paper. Leizhan provides a toilet paper machine with a daily output of 25 tons according to customer needs. This toilet paper machine operates stably and has high efficiency in making paper.

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  • Paper Machine Accessories Dryer Cylinder

    The dryer cylinder is one of the main equipment in the drying section of the paper machine. The dryer cylinder is a hollow cylinder made of cast iron with covers at both ends. Mainly used for wet paper drying, the paper machine dryer is an important paper making machine.

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  • 20TD Tissue Paper Pulp Making Project

    Toilet paper is a commonly used household paper. Starting a toilet paper manufacturing project requires the use of pulping and preparation equipment. We provide our customers with a complete set of pulping equipment.

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  • 15TPD Tissue Paper Project Machine

    Our company supply tissue paper making machine for customer’s paper mill. The important thing is to place for maximum effects in their project, which not only reduce energy consumption and investment, but also get higher quality living paper. In addition, we also provide paper mill spare parts.

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