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Jordan 200T T-Paper Production Project

Jordanian customer built a T-paper and white liner paper production line with 200T. The pulping line machine was purchased from our company Leizhan.

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Egypt 120t/d Corrugated Paper Making Project

For the 120t/d corrugated paper production line of an Egyptian customer, Leizhan provided a series of machines such as a cleaner, a refiner, a medium-consistency pressure screen, and a drum pulper.

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Pulp Equipment For Corrugated Paper Making Line

Recently, some pulp equipment for corrugated paper making line are delivery to Egypt, include Pulp Agitator, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Fiber Separator, High Density Cleaner, Vibrating Screen, Pulp Pump, etc.

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Paper Pulp Screening & Cleaning Machine for Iran PKP

Iran PKP paper mill 250tpd Paper Production Line, which can produce high quality paper in Iran. Leizhan, as the partner & friend, we supplied Paper Pulp Screening & Cleaning Machine for…

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Fluting Paper Pulp Processing Machine Syria

Leizhan delivered pulp processing equipment like High Density Cleaner, Rope Cutter, Vibrating Screen for Syria paper mill’s 150t/d Corrugated paper making line.

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Kraft Paper Making Equipment In Saudi Arabia

Leizhan have exported main pulp making equipment and paper machine spare parts for reconstruction project of Saudi Arabia paper mill’s Kraft paper making line.

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Leizhan Equipment for Iran PKP Paper Mill

Leizhan to supply pulp equipment include 8 set Mid consistency pressure screen, 3 Inflow pressure screen, 5 tailing treatment equipments, 31 pulp chest agitators, etc.for PKP pulp production line.

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Paper Pulp Plant in Iran

The Iran Paper Pulp Plant purchased the complete paper pulp manufacturing equipment for paper making line like Drum pulper, Chain Conveyor, Baled Breaker.

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