Beating Uniformity Influence Factors

Beating (refining),with simple equipment and complicated process,plays an important role in pulping line. The uniformity of pulp fiber often affects the paper formation and strength index.The reasons affecting Refining are summarized as follows.

Uneven Wear in the Beating Zone Leads to Uneven Slurry Formation

In the process of pulping, double Disc Refiner often results in uneven wear of the discs in both refining zones, affecting the pulp formation and equipment stability.

Circulating beating Results in Uneven Slurry and High Energy Consumption

Many refiners set a lower beating power, which is difficult to become slurry at one time. It takes a long time to repeat until the Post-slurry Chest or Semi-slurry Chest achieve the specified beating degree and wet weight index, resulting in excessive pulping of some pulp fibers and some fibers are not effectively beaten.

The Wear and Broken Teeth of the Beating Plate Affect the Pulp Formation

Some beating plates with poor impact resistance often have unexpected large-area broken teeth and uneven wear, which causes the discs to be scrapped in advance.

The Passivated Plate Affects the Pulp Formation

Alloys with lower hardness and stainless steel refining discs have better impact toughness, but because of the soft material, they tend to be passivated during use.

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