Good Quality and Low Price Felt for Paper Mill

As the pulp passes through the paper machine, it encounters the forming fabric, where the felt aids in the dewatering process and ensures even sheet formation. Once the pulp is formed into paper, it passes through a series of press rollers to further remove moisture. The felt can help absorb excess water at this stage and promote efficient pressing, ultimately improving the strength and quality of the paper.

Advantages of Felt

1. Felts are designed to absorb water efficiently during the pressing stage of paper making, aiding in the removal of excess moisture from the pulp.
2. Felt fabrics are engineered to withstand the rigorous conditions of the paper making process, including high temperatures, pressure, and mechanical stress, ensuring long-lasting performance.
3. Felts exhibit excellent heat resistance, making them suitable for use in the drying section of paper machines, where they come into contact with heated drying cylinders or belts.


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