Double Layer Wire Carton Paper Machine

Carton paper is mainly used to make cartons, paper bags, packaging boxes and other products. Double layer wire carton paper machine mainly used to produce testliner, corrugated paper. The carton paper machine divided into several parts as below: headbox, fourdrinier section, press section, front drying section, inclined type Surface sizing Machine, back drying section, calendering section, reeling Section.


Carton Paper Machine Parts Particulars


1. Headbox: Two sets open type Head Boxes, respectively correspond to top layer wire, bottom layer wire, By controlling the liquid level in Head Box to control and stabilize the sizing pressure head of feed pulp.

2. Wire part: Double layer wires, respectively correspond to top layer wire, bottom layer wire, main components: Breast Roll, Forming Board, Dewatering Board, Vacuum Box, Combined Roll, Vacuum Couch Roll, Wire Drive Roll, Wire Guiding Roll and Framework, etc. Top layer and bottom layer respectively equipped with one forming wire.

3. Press Section: Divided into 1st press, 2nd press. 1st and 2nd press are MG press, respectively equipped with upper and lower Gluing Metal Roll, and upper & lower paper machine felt. 1st press and 2nd press all equipped with Felt Leading Roll and Felt Suction Box.

4. Drying Section: Φ1500/Φ1800 Dryer, group drive, equipped with Wire Guiding Roll, Dry Wire, Sealed Gas Hood.

5. Calendering Part: Double Rolls Calender, Upper and Lower Roll are metal roll, the pressurized motion is corrugated air tire pressure.

6. Reeling Part: Pneumatic Horizontal Rolling Machine, pressurized motion is cylinder pressure.


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