Application Of Sizing Machine In Paper Making Line

There are generally two methods of sizing in paper making. One is surface sizing, that is, after the paper web is formed and dried, it is applied to the surface of the paper through a sizing machine. The other method is internal sizing, where the sizing agent is added to In paper making slurries, bonding to the paper web is achieved during the sheet forming process.

Compared with internal sizing, which improves fiber wettability and penetration resistance, surface sizing can choose different glue types and formulas to achieve specific paper surface properties and functions. Surface sizing using a sizing machine can improve the surface wet strength, water resistance, wettability and other characteristics of the paper, and improve the smoothness and printing quality of the paper.

Surface sizing mainly acts on the surface of the paper to improve the surface properties and printing quality of the paper; while internal sizing mainly acts on the inside of the pulp to improve the internal structure and performance of the paper. The two sizing methods can be applied separately or at the same time. If you are considering improving the quality of paper, please contact us to inquire about the sizing machine. Email:

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