Paper Manufacturing Machine Dryer Cylinder

The quality of the dryer cylinder has an important impact on the paper quality and drying efficiency. Therefore, the surface of the dryer cylinder is required to have a high smoothness and the thickness of the cylinder wall is uniform to achieve uniform heat transfer around the entire dryer cylinder circumference.

Application & Features

1. The dryer cylinder of paper making equipment adopts advanced design and materials, which can achieve efficient and energy-saving drying effect.

2. Reasonable structure and material selection enable the dryer to quickly reach the required high temperature and maintain a certain heat conduction efficiency.

3. The dryer cylinder is equipped with a condensed water discharge device to effectively and continuously remove condensed water and ensure the drying efficiency of the drying cylinder.

4. Dry the paper evenly to avoid problems such as wrinkles, warping and deformation of the paper, ensure the flatness and uniformity of the paper surface, and improve the quality of the paper.

5. Energy-efficient design and operation can minimize energy consumption and reduce production costs.


Through advanced control systems and structural design, dryer cylinder can maintain stable temperature and humidity, reduce downtime and equipment maintenance times, and improve the stability and reliability of the production line. Welcome to contact us. Email:

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