Bale Breaker for Paper Mills


The Bale Breaker is designed with a powerful rotor that rotates at high speeds to effectively shred and disperse the paper bales. The bales are fed into the machine through a conveyor belt, where they are then broken down into smaller pieces by the rotor blades. The adjustable design of the machine allows for precise control over the size of the shredded paper, ensuring consistent and uniform results.


One of the key advantages of Leizhan’s Bale Breaker is its high efficiency in processing large volumes of waste paper. By breaking down the bales into smaller pieces, the equipment helps to increase the overall productivity of the pulping line, saving time and labor costs. The Bale Breaker helps to improve the quality of the pulp by ensuring that the paper fibers are evenly distributed, leading to a more uniform and consistent end product.


Leizhan’s Bale Breaker is a reliable and efficient equipment that plays a crucial role in the waste paper pulping process. Its ability to effectively break down bales of recycled paper into smaller pieces helps to streamline the production process and improve the quality of the pulp.
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