Paper Pulp Screen Machinery Arc Screen

Employing innovative arc screen systems to efficiently separate and eliminate solid suspended solids from wastewater. This approach utilizes specially designed arc screens that allow water to pass through while trapping and removing solid particles.

As the wastewater flows through the arc screen, the solid particles are retained on the screen surface, preventing their entry into downstream treatment processes.

Details of Arc Screen

1. Fiber recovery: The process of extracting and reusing fibers from the wastewater in various pulp and paper making processes.

2. Thickening: Increasing the concentration of accept pulp and tailings pulp in the screening and cleaning system.

3. White water purification: Purifying and recycling the spray water used in the paper machine, as well as treating and reusing the press water.

4. Fiber fractionation: Separating long and short fibers, as well as breaking up large fiber bundles.

5. Fiber and filler separation: Washing the deinking pulp to separate fibers from fillers, and washing the coated broke pulp to remove fillers.

The arc screen technology offers advantages such as high removal efficiency, minimal energy consumption, and low maintenance requirements, ensuring the effective treatment and purification of wastewater. Email:

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