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Home » News » Leizhan Attend 2023 Pakistan Exhibition

Home » News » Leizhan Attend 2023 Pakistan Exhibition
Leizhan Attend 2023 Pakistan Exhibition
2023-06-21 02:23:31

From 17-19th, Jun, 2023,  2023 Pakistan Exhibition will be held in Karachi Expro Centre Pakistan, and Leizhan as a leading manufacturer of paper machine and pulp equipment, will attend this exhibition.

2023 Pakistan Exhibition is a unique platform for manufacturers/buyers/traders to come together. New technologies and trends will be revealed in acquisitions. The largest and most developed suppliers of machinery and technology in the world will choose to participate in this event to improve their commercial and brand image in this part of the world. Lei Zhan’s participation in the 2023 Pakistan Exhibition will not only exchange paper-making technology with other paper-making industries, improve technology and technology, but also establish greater cooperation with paper mills all over the world. world to expand the global market.

Leizhan Booth Information

Date: 17-19th, Jun, 2023

Leizhan Booth No.: B41 B42 B53 B54

Location: Karachi Expro Centre Pakistan, Main University Rd, Block 15 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan