Pulping Machine Delivery Site for Hebei Customer

Hebei customer wanted to add new pulping equipment to paper mill. The customer chose Leizhan among many pulping equipment suppliers. Leizhan also delivered machine on time according to the contract, including bale open conveyor, agitator, double disc refiner, and supporting accessories, which were successfully sent to Hebei on September 26, 2023.


The bale open conveyor has simple structure and is easy to maintain. The bearing of the agitator is lubricated with dry oil dispersion, and the lower part of the rolling bearing seat is equipped with drain hole, which can discharge dirty oil regularly according to the amount of oil injected. The double disc refiner has efficient and simple disassembly device, which can reduce labor and improve the efficiency of replacing grinding disc.


Leizhan is a supplier specializing in the development of pulping, screening, and refining equipment. If you need bale open conveyor, agitator, refiner, or complete waste paper pulping equipment, please feel free to contact us for price. Email address: leizhanmachine@gmail.com

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