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Home » News » Leizhan-Pack &Print Machinery Exhibition Of Iran 2017

Home » News » Leizhan-Pack &Print Machinery Exhibition Of Iran 2017
Leizhan-Pack &Print Machinery Exhibition Of Iran 2017
2017-12-04 08:56:06


Good news for paper makers, The 24th Iran international packaging and printing industry exhibition-the fourth paper industry exhibition will be held in Tehran International Exhibition Center, Iran. Leizhan will be there with advanced pulp equipment, paper machine and professional sale manager, here are the details about the exhibition.


Leizhan Attend Iran Exhibition Information


Exhibition time: 13-16, Dec, 2017

Location: Tehran International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Tehran, Iran
Opening and close time: 09:00-17:00
Leizhan booth number: 35-27

Host unit: Iran trade promotion department
Supporters: Iranian Packaging Association, Iranian Printing Association, Tehran Manufacturing and Technical Services Trade Union
Exhibition content: paper making machine and pulp equipment, paper machine spare parts, white water recycling technology and equipment, waste paper deinking technology and equipment, recycling paper processing and dealing, etc.


Leizhan has cooperated with Iran paper makers for many times, we hope return visit old customers and expand Iran paper making market at the same time, welcome new and old customer to industry exchange.