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Home » News » Safety Instructions of D Type Hydrapulper

Home » News » Safety Instructions of D Type Hydrapulper
Safety Instructions of D Type Hydrapulper
2014-10-20 07:12:10

D Type Hydrapulper

D type hydrapulper is mainly used for crushing all kinds of pulp, paper and various paper loss. D type hydrapulper series its trough of the current international popular D-type tank. It is in the traditional Hydrapulper made on the basis of design. Its main features are: rotor off center, making contact with the rotor paper materials more quickly and more frequently.
D type hydraulic pulper to change the traditional hydraulic crusher slurry flow mode, pulping time can be shortened , without increasing the volume and improving the case of power production capacity.
Following is a brief look at D type hydrapulper safety rules :
1,Before starting to deal pulper and transmission parts check to make sure no one or obstructions, then switch .
2,Runtime , prohibit the use of metal rods or long hook member extending into the machine.
3,It are not allowed to stand along the pulper vat or fence pole work.
4,Into the pulper to remove debris or repair, you must switch off the power and good warning sign hanging outside,the men of guardianship.
5,Pay attention twisted rope machine automatic starting, do not touch the rope.
6,Note noose machine operation , to avoid rope deviation, if necessary , stop treatment .
7,Grab hanging objects, the suspended matter was allowed to stand and the following passage.
8,The cylindrical screen to work, you should cut off the power switch is a good warning sign to hang.
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