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Home » News » How Waste Paper Bale Breaker Works

Home » News » How Waste Paper Bale Breaker Works
How Waste Paper Bale Breaker Works
2014-10-20 06:44:57

Bale Breaker

Waste paper bale breaker is used to help users handle large amounts of waste, improve work efficiency. Waste paper bale breaker works packaged waste paper pulp preparation plant after arriving, unpacking, sorting without using a forklift truck directly into the feeding chain plate conveyor, first cut by hand, remove the bundled wire, chain plate conveyor feeding to 2 ~ 15m/min speed to the bulk transport of waste paper packet filtering Cleaner bundle, the bundle then screened through a bulk package Cleaner investment and imports of feed hopper into the machine. For bulk packages of loose paper size specifications charter into φ3000 × 9300mm, φ3250 × 9300mm, 3500 × 10300mm 3750 × 11000mm, and several other specifications, processing capacity from 200t / d ~ 2000t / d. Cleaner bulk package screening sieve tube wall along the helix direction is fixed with a screw pieces, each piece on both spiral circumference fixed six other moments from bumps enhancements over the inner spiral role is to import waste paper from to promote export orientation, and then plays a stir bump, roll paper bundles in order to achieve the purpose of bulk packages. Spiral between the inlet at the moment is small in order to strengthen the role of bulk packages of paper bundles, while the direction of the discharge port cylinder screw moments gradually enlarge, the paper focuses on the loose after a normal screening.
In order to solve the bulk package, the screening process dust and impurities, shredding and other issues, Waste paper bale breaker is also equipped with dust removal device, heavy slag collecting conveyor, heavy paper slag separation device and other auxiliary facilities. Bulk package paper dust generated in the process separated by sedimentation after the cyclone, be dealt with separately. Filter out heavy impurities collected by the transport device to the heavy weight of slag slag weight paper separating impurities separation apparatus, after the separation of paper recapture, separated from the heavy impurities separately.