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Home » News » Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Pulping Equipment

Home » News » Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Pulping Equipment
Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Pulping Equipment
2015-04-15 06:54:26


Drum pulper is becoming a more and more widely used large and efficient pulping equipment. Especially used to pulp recycled waste paper. Leizhan drum pulper is specially designed on the basis of similar foreign products. It is divided into pre-soaking, pulping and screening three sections. Leizhan advanced drum pulper can achieve continuous pulping and coarse screening under high consistency. With low energy consumption and minimal fiber damage advantages.

Features of Drum pulper

1. The mechanical action of drum pulper can avoid cutting action of traditional pulper. So the fiber length is guaranteed and it increases physical index of paper. What’s more, impurities like plastic film can keep the original shape and be discharged. Fewer are rived and become tiny. Lots of light and heavy impurities are removed. To the complete waste paper stock preparation process, the fewer impurities the forepart has, the less burden the back part cleaner equipment has. Accordingly, the efficiency and final slag remove result is better.

2. Drum pulper has another feature. That is, less energy consumption, reduce operation staff, reduce maintenance cost.

Leizhan supply for paper plant

Apart from efficient waste paper pulping equipment drum pulper, Leizhan also supply many other paper machines for paper production system, such as: D type hydrapulper, Vertical hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Fiber separator, Mid consistency pressure screen, Double disc refiner, etc.