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Home » News » DCS Stock Preparation System

Home » News » DCS Stock Preparation System
DCS Stock Preparation System
2015-07-06 07:08:06

To meet the market demands of automatic system, reduce cost investment and improve line efficiency, Leizhan develops DCS stock preparation line for paper plant.

Application of DCS system

Leizhan DCS (Distributed Control System) introduces maximum efficiency into the automation process by replacing these isolated solutions with a uniform, open-ended system that is easy to operate. DCS automatic control system can effectively control the balance of pulp and water, the inlet pulp pressure, outlet pulp pressure, inlet pulp consistency, outlet pulp consistency.

Advantages of Leizhan DCS
1. Optimized pulp processing line.
2. Automatic solution reduce labor force.
3. Increased efficiency and competitiveness.
4. Low training and service outlay.