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Home » News » Complete Pulp Processing Line Project

Home » News » Complete Pulp Processing Line Project
Complete Pulp Processing Line Project
2023-12-06 05:45:57

Leizhan once again signed contract with Henan customer for pulp processing line project. Leizhan will provide customer with high-grade cardboard paper and T paper production line with an annual output of 450,000 tons. Leizhan can provide strong technical support to ensure the smooth launch of the pulp processing line project.

Main Information of New Project

Main products: cardboard paper, T paper
Productivity: 450,000 tons/year
Net paper width: 6700mm
Running speed: 1100 m/min


Leizhan not only has rich experience in pulp and paper making but can also provide high-quality pulp processing line to protect your interests. Leizhan’s high-quality equipment has won the trust and praise of many customers. Welcome to contact us for details. Email address: