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Home » News » The Clogging Reason of Vibrating Screen

Home » News » The Clogging Reason of Vibrating Screen
The Clogging Reason of Vibrating Screen
2014-10-21 02:19:07

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen for screening at a material time, there will be varying degrees of abnormal phenomena, which work in the shaker material blocking network is one important exception, how to solve this important exception phenomenon? Zhengzhou Leizhan based on years of experience in the paper industry, giving the following recommendations.
When Screen is used, due to the different nature of the materials, different shapes, different vibrations generated screen mesh clogging. The main cause of material blocking network, is not conducive to screening phenomenon as follows:
1, Materials with high water content or high viscosity.
2, The material contains a large aperture with a similar screen like particles.
3, With static materials.
4, It does not match the shape of the mesh sieve material designed shape.
5, Spherical particles or how to mesh material contact point.
6, With a fibrous material.
7, Sheet materials, mesh wire diameter