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100TPD White Board Paper Fluting Paper line Equipment Delivery Site

Armenian customers start new line to produce white board paper and fluting paper. Unit paper recycling line pulping equipment provided by Leizhan company. Adopted advanced technology, imported parts and high quality material.

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Jiangxi Customer Cardboard Fluting Paper Making Project Delivery Site

Jiangxi customer ordered complete waste paper recycling pulping line equipment. With the increase of production capacity, a new batch of pulping equipment was added. Hydrapulper, pulp cleaning machine, pulp screeing machine. Leizhan are able to offer complete pulping equipment of cardboard fluting paper making project.

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Kraft Fluting Paper Making Project

High output of kraft fluting paper production line. Pulper equipment, pulp cleaning equipment and pulp screening equipment, etc. Whole set of waste paper recycling production line equipment. High efficiency, reduce fiber loss and perfect remove impurities ability.

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Vietnam Cardboard Fluting Paper Making Project

Want to set up unit paper recycling mill to make cardboard paper like kraft paper, fluting paper or T-paper, Leizhan offer complete cardboard fluting paper making project pulping equipment.

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Kazakh Customers Packaging Paper Pulping Equipment Delivery Site

Kazakh customers start new paper production line to produce packaging paper. Ordered complete set of pulping equipment from Leizhan Company. Provide unit waste paper recycling line machine. Email: leizhanmachine@gmail.com.

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250D/T Packaging Paper Making Project

Whole set packaging paper making line equipment. Pulper machine, pulp screening machine, pulp cleaning machine. Excellent remove impurities effects, reduce fiber loss and high benefits.

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600T/D Wrapping Paper Pulping Project Delivery

Unit wrapping paper kraft corrugated paper pulping project equipment. Offer complete pulping equipment from waste paper pulping to paper machine rewinder. Nigeria customer purchased complete wrapping paper pulping line equipment from Leizhan.

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400TPD White Board Paper Pulping Project Delivery Site

Bangladesh customers built a paper mill to make white board paper. Ordered complete pulping equipment from Leizhan. High efficiency, reasonable price, and low investment.

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Nigeria 600t/d Packaging Paper Pulping Project

Nigeria customer 600t/d packaging paper pulping project delivery site. The customer purchased drum pulper, bale breaker, D type hydrapulper, chain conveyor, refiner, high density cleaner, etc. We are specialized in…

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Henan Fireproof Paper Making Project

Fireproof paper pulping project equipment included paper pulping, pulp screening, pulp cleaner, etc. In order to improve the pulping capacity, added pressure screen equipment and agitator.

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