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30t/d Corrugated Paper Making Project Delivery To Mongolia

Mongolian customer start new corrugated paper pulping line. Ordered whole set corrugated paper making line equipment and finished delivery. Paper pulper machine, pulp screening machine, pulp cleaning machine and refining machine can be provided by Leizhan.

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Pulping Line Equipment Delivery to Russia

Waste carton recycling line equipment included pulper machine, pulp cleaning machine, pulp screening machine, etc. Leizhan are able to offer complete production line equipment. Russian customer ordered our pulping equipment and finished delivery.

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Disc Thickener Delivery Site

Saudi Arabia customer ordered disc thickener from our company to wash and thicken for low consistency slurry. Complete pulping line equipment from pulper to inflow pressure screen can be provided by Leizhan company.

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White Board Paper Making Line

A customer from Bangladesh ordered whole set paper stock preparation line equipment to make white board paper. Leizhan offer all kins of raw materials pulping line equipment, like virgin pulp, wood pulp, OCC or wheat straw, etc.

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Carton Cardboard Making Project

Paper mill machinery whole set paper recycling stock preparation line equipment to make carton cardboard paper. Leizhan offer conveying equipment, cleaning equipment and screening equipment and so on. Do you have a plan to establish a paper mill? Contact us for more details.

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100T/D Fluting Paper Making Project

Armenian customers ordered complete stock preparation line equipment to make fluting paper. Leizhan offer complete waste paper recycling line equipment include drum pulper machine, screening machine and cleaning machine.

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Paper Pulping Line Delivery Site Of Bangladesh 400TD White Paper Project

The new 400T/D white paper project launched in Bangladesh this time. Our company can offer paper mill whole paper making line, include paper pulping line, paper making machine and paper…

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Corrugated Paper Cardboard Paper Pulp Making Line For Vietnam Paper Mill

Regular customer ordered complete pulping equipment of corrugated fluting paper pulping line and finished delivery. Want to know more details about recycling waste paper, please feel free to contact us.

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Delivery Site Of 600T/D Packaging Paper Project Of Nigeria Paper Mill

Unit waste paper recycling corrugated fluting paper production line, leizhan offer whole set of pulping line equipment from pulper to corrugated/ fluting paper machine rewinder. If you have a plan to establish a paper mill, welcome to consult us. Email address: leizhanmachine@gmail.com.

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Paper Pulp Making Machine M.C. Pressure Screen Delievery Site For Paper Making Project

Welcome email us if you want to know more about our paper pulp making machine
Email: leizhanmachine@gmail.com

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